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VION Synchonized video playback example

Digital signage cloud for windows 10

VION Signage Cloud is an easy to use toolbox to realize and manage digital signage solutions. Connect Windows computers, with VION Player installed, and start controlling them wherever you are.

The Signage player software features:

  • Synchronized video playback on multiple computers
  • Automatic slideshows creation
  • Webview for active web content
  • Automatic video conversion
  • Easy workflows
  • Playlists
  • Addons

Test our software as long as you want!

You can use our software for free, test it as long as you want. All features included. When you are ready - we remove the branding.

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Why VION as a Signage Player

Building your signage solution on Windows has multiple advantages. The hardware provides a high flexibility. Either by using your existing computer as a signage player or using the signage computer for other tasks in the future. A great playback device is the INTEL NUC mini pc, which has an good price point and fits behind every screen.

Create eye catching multi screen video experiences by synchronizing multiple screens. The cloud based control suit provides easy to use tools to split, convert and assign videos to your screens.

Build your digital signage advertising empire. (Business ideas 2019.)
By activation the advertiser board in your VION account, you get exact statistics about the Playtime for every video. Additionally you can create an file request link, where the advertiser can upload his video directly to VION. Ready to sell screen time to advertisers.

No risk, all the fun. Testing our digital signage software is completely free. No obligations. Download our software and use it on a unlimited number of screens and use all the features of the web application. Notice: We show a “test mode notification on unlicensed devices.

As a digital signage software company we look back at more than 10 years of experience. Our story goes from the first touchscreen to big LED walls.

Easy rollout for your brand content!

Never have employees running around with thumb drives.

The same content across multiple locations?
Use groups and sync your displays.

Don’t worry about video formats, conversion and distribution.
Just upload a video and we take care of the rest.

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